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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is in its infancy – but it's growing fast.

We know a young company can face many challenges turning a brilliant product idea into reality. Having addressed and solved these challenges for our own business, we’d like to now help your business get a headstart in this exciting new market.

Whether you're interested in smart devices around the home or health and wellbeing services (powered by 2G/3G/4G, WiFi or Bluetooth LE), we can help you with manufacturing, distribution and sales.


Speeding up your distribution is an effective way of ensuring the success of your business. We can help you achieve your targets by using our proven sales channels including IoT Corner in France and our European shop in 19 countries, as well as our expanded network of retail outlets worldwide.

To be eligible for this support you should have:

  • — a packaged product ready to ship
  • — the marketing collateral
  • — a clear plan on markets and pricing


To hit the ground running, you’ll need country-specific data as well as help in making documentation and packaging relevant to local markets. And that’s where we come in, helping you connect with one of our trusted suppliers.

To be eligible for this support you should have:

  • — a product in production
  • — baseline material from which localised versions can be created

Communication module integration

Your business needs fast-track access to the right technology to get you up-to-speed for the Internet of Things. We help start-ups get evaluated rapidly for the latest communication modules on the market.

To be eligible for this support, you need to have a prototype plan and specification.

Sourcing and manufacturing

By giving you direct access to Orange sourcing and manufacturing worldwide, we can help your business find the right manufacturers for your products and services.

To be eligible for this support, you must have:

  • — detailed plans and specifications, and
  • — a working prototype

How to apply

To apply for help with one or more of the above areas, just complete our application form and select the one(s) where you'd like support.

Our team will evaluate your submission and, depending on your needs, may request further information in the form of:

  • — product samples
  • — product plans/specifications
  • — further information about target markets and pricing

Once we've considered this material, we'll decide which areas we can help you with and advise you on next steps. Good luck!

  • Does it matter where my company is based?
    No, we'll consider applications from anywhere in the world.
    We've already been through or are on an accelerator programme — will you take us on?
    Sure. That probably means you've built your product, nailed your pitch and are now looking for distribution outreach. We're here to help with that.
    Does Orange provide any funding support?
    No, this programme doesn't provide any funding.
    What's in it for Orange?
    We're keen to work with industry-leading IoT companies. We believe this type of support is a good basis on which to build a trusted relationship with you.
    How many start-ups will be part of the programme?
    We don't have a quota for the number of companies we'll support but we'll filter applications to ensure we maintain a consistent standard.
    Where can you distribute my products?
    Your products can be distributed through the IoT Corner in France and our European shop in 19 countries, as well as our expanded network of retail outlets worldwide.
    I'm not sure if my company is a match for the programme / I have a few more questions — what can I do?